Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard

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1 dashboard, +20 tools, 100% of your time back.

Make your freelance journey 10X better than mine

For freelancers who are almost but not quite satisfied with how they manage their business & can’t seem to find what’s missing

Let me explain…

Back when I started freelancing

I used to leave everything in my email inbox. I would navigate around, reaching past emails to figure out dates I had agreed on, inquiries pending, and even rates that were now outdated.

Do you experience the same?..

Let me take a bit out of your freelance journey…

After more than a year of tweaking and experimenting with this template,

 I feel that it has reached a point where it's useful to be presented publicly and ready to be enjoyed by other freelancers :).

With ‘ULTIMATE FREELANCE PLANNER’ you’ll kick your freelance career into high gear.

This is a notion-based system to rely on whenever the storms in your business get rough (100% headache free)

Your whole freelance business overview on a single dashboard

Every important aspect of your business is organized in this planner. Manage clients, projects, and proposals all in one place and stay on top of your finances.

ULTIMATE FREELANCE PANNER was specifically crafted to 

  •  Optimize your day-to-day workflow
  •  Get more done in less time
  • Prevent you from second-guessing

Eliminate the hassle that comes with jumping between different tools.

Created with freelancers in mind, this notion planner includes everything you need to stay on top of current clients and increase your reach & grow successfully 

Here is a look through what am proud to share with you

  • Notion template that includes dashboards and systems ready to use:
    • Action item Dashboard - Track your tasks, projects
    • Finance Center - Track progress towards your income goals
    • Docs & File Database - Track unpaid or overdue invoices
    • CRM Database - Collaborate with clients, track payments/contracts/invoices, track client requests by status/priority
    • Clients Database - Record client details, track last contact date
    • Projects Database - Track project statuses, timelines, and total project value
    • Companies Database
    • Freelancer Profile Database - Store profiles of freelancers to delegate workload when you grow your freelance business (not actual freelancer data)
    • Knowledge Base - What knowledge you need to work with the clients or some jobs
    • 7. Message Center - Centralized all communications with client into one single channel
    • 8. Team - Who work in this project
    • 9. Pricing Strategy Guide - I don't have this one
    • Lifetime updates

… and more!

Nobody waits until the ‘perfect’ time to invest in their business.... they make the right time

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1. What is Notion? 

 notion is an all-in-one workspace that allows you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects, and get organized. Whether you're writing or planning, Notion has a versatile design for getting things done.  

2. What is Notion template?  

Notion templates are pre-built Notion components that can be imported into your Notion workspace and are a great way to boost your productivity in Notion.  

3. How I will receive a template?  

After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Notion template to your workspace.  

4. Will I need to pay to use Notion?  

No, Notion does offer a free plan with no strings attached.  

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Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard

11 ratings
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