Ultimate Business Manager

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Make your business 10X More Productive within 90 days

I’ll share with you the system that turned +1200 businesses around the world into more disciplined & successful businesses

“The more my business grows, the more I realize how it's overwhelming to manage daily tasks and achieve small & larger goals” – Davis B. 

Do you experience this as well? ….

Have you been cobbling together multiple apps to manage your business? …. keep reading this…

Managing a business can be a tough and chaotic world to navigate. ….

It’s just too many peeps ... but not anymore ...

The Ultimate Business Manager lets you capture and organize everything inside of notion turning it into a truly all-in-one business workspace

The world’s most successful businesses have one thing in common - an intelligent system in place to achieve the highest level of intentionality with their time.


Make your job as a Leader, or as a Player in small or big teams 10x easier, faster, and better.

With the Ultimate Business Manager notion template, you can finally

  • Maintain your business journey on track!
  • Keep track of daily tasks, milestones, documents, ideas, service price management, and so much more.
  • Fast track to a more productive business
  • Save +200 hours searching for documents.
  • Focus on your most profitable activities first & Much more

Who’s this for?

This template is sustainably crafted for Small Business Owner, Startup founder & Solo entrepreneur who wants things to stop slapping through the cracks in their respective businesses

What’s included;

  • Brand model canvas dashboard for branding
  • Product management dashboard – to manage and track products
  • Brand strategy & Identity dashboard
  • Task manager dashboard
  • Important documents and file dashboard


and everything else you can imagine and need in your journey to build, run and succeed in your business.

And for a price so incredibly low you may not believe it's possible ...

Imagine where you would be if you could implement strategies, the most successful business strategies, methods & plans

There is no better time than now...

Join +1,000 founders who manage their startups like superheroes, click ‘I WANT THIS’ to get a template


CAUTION: This product goes for this price only for the next 24 hours then we’ll adjust it to $29.99! 

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Ultimate Business Manager

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