Getting Hired Planner

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The daunting task of getting the job you deserve: How this planner managed to pull it off...

For people who are almost but not quite satisfied with their job hunting/job searching process & can’t figure out what’s missing!

Job hunting least the way most people do it

The Uncertainty & Second guessing that comes with submitting dozens even hundreds of applications using conventional methods… is overwhelming

 The frustration associated with spending days & nights cobbling through documents just to get stuck in a holding pattern, letting things slip through the cracks & not finally getting the job you wanted

that’s a frustrating place to be in life...

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be... 

What if could …

  • Leave from sick, tired & overwhelmed to hired, headache-free 
  • Expand your job search with Zero stress
  • Craft, Grab each job status in minutes
  • Create a favorable condition to feel at ease and safe 
  • Keep track of everything in a click
  • Make applying for each job stress-free,

Whether it is day 1 or day 1000 of your job hunting, we can ALL benefit from USEFUL prompts and Planning space

 Let me explain…

With THE GETTING HIRED PLANNER you’ll get the most detailed notion-based system to capture & organize everything you need to nail all aspects of your job search (in the shortest amount of time) all packed in a single notion template


From your Resume & Cover Letter, Personal Brand & Online Presence, to Acing the Interview, and Negotiating Your Salary You’d be crazy not to have this in your job-hunting arsenal

This template is jam-packed with settings to

  1. keep track of all your job applications, build your career plan, and select the best offers
  2. Share your professional experiences with your future employer
  3. See at a glance what status of your application 
  4. upload your resume versions to each job you applied for


& Much more making it so much easier to prep for your job interview.

what would normally take a day or 2 if not months to craft we've deliberately systemized it to deliver within minutes - you name it, it's here.


And for a price incredibly low you may not believe it's possible - It will be a one-time purchase get it now and never let it go again.

Imagine where you would be if you had the gem of the purest common that +30 people use every month to systemize every aspect & stack the deck in their favor as they search for their next job 

Here is a special look inside that we're so proud to give you all

 Digital CV & Portfolio

 Which can be updated for different job applications

  •  Interview Tracker

Use this to track multiple interviews and tweak your resume to make them relevant to the positions you’re applying for.

  • Networking Builder

 Track the connections you make throughout the Job Search process

  • Interview preparing dashboard

 To keep notes for each interview

  •  Career development

With personal job boards to track jobs status

Every career path is unique! But People of different ages, countries, different skill levels, and various backgrounds succeeded in getting their dream job with this planner

This template is guaranteed to give you clarity! Click ‘I WANT MINE’ & fast-track to your next job

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Getting Hired Planner

11 ratings
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